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Get Off Your Ass And Help Save This Country
1 year ago

Alex Jones and Matt Baker cover the water front, from Russia/ Ukraine, Chinese Spy Blimps, protesti...

Top Forecaster Predicts Massive Tank Battles To Start In Spring
1 year ago

World Affairs Brief editor Joel Skousen joined Alex Jones to discuss, the Chinese balloon, Biden, Ru...

World Premiere! Alex Jones Officially Launches New Podcast
1 year ago

Episode #1 will be Alex's exclusive subscriber podcast, with original content, ran...

VICE and Ice : Alex Jones And The Fake News Mindset
1 year ago

Whether it's sticking a bullet with a casing in a wall and posting that as proof of a shootout or ta...

Alex Jones Confronts Seattle Goblin Creatures
1 year ago

From Aug of 2017, Alex Jones was on the streets of Seattle Washington showing how the dumbed down ma...

The Globalist Mindset Is Total Domination
1 year ago

From the waters of crystal clear lake. Alex Jones lays out the primary focus of globalists and how t...

Elon's Secret Moon Base Discovered
1 year ago

The headline is satire, but this report is not. Alex Jones look at how the federal governments edict...

The Ultimate Secret To Prosperity
1 year ago

Alex Jones next to gas fire place discusses why we need cheap energy and why it is being attacked.

The most amazing Alex Jones speech you will ever see
1 year ago

In early December 2020, when conservatives and patriots were reeling from the stolen election of Joe...

Alex Jones Shoots Up YouTube Golden Button Award
1 year ago

After presenting Alex Jones with a golden button for having over million subscribers, Youtube then d...

Alex Jones Launches His New Subscriber Platform
1 year ago

Alex Jones explains in great detail, why he started a subscriber platform, what features it will hav...

Alex Jones Live And Commercial Free
1 year ago

The next step in waking up humanity begins with Alex Jones Live, the new commercial free podcasts wi...

Fires Place In Humanity
1 year ago

Alex Jones explains fire's place in humanity and an exciting news series for Alex Jones Live subscri...